Liz & Bobby : Memphis Wedding Photography at Heartwood Hall

Liz & Bobby : Memphis Wedding Photography at Heartwood Hall

If we had to describe Liz and Bobby’s relationship in one word it would be openness. They have nothing hindering them when they are together. They are free with one another. They both are emboldened when together. So when the wedding day was getting cold and rainy, both of them were anxious beforehand. Bobby was pacing around, Liz was introspective. But once they saw each other at the alter, it was like a blanket of warmth and calm fell over them. They were together at last.

A New Marriage Christened by the Sun

AND, then… right as they entered the reception, the sun came out! So of course we snuck them out of the reception to enjoy their favorite time of day, sunset. We do this regularly at weddings because the day can be so packed and busy that we love to give the couple time to breath and relish in the fact that they are newly married. With that sun came a new source of energy for these two! They were just naturally holding onto each other, enjoying the warmth, and soaking in the views. Plus, we were able to get sunny photos for them. So how cool is that?! Liz and Bobby got some moody and some warm, grand photos all in one day!

We Love The Challenges of Every Wedding Day

So yes, the day started out drizzly. Rain is never ideal for a wedding day, but it doesn’t scare us! We know there are beautiful photos to be made in any situation and we love to make it happen rain or shine. We go full out all day to make the most amazing photos we can regardless of circumstances. The their day was full of beautiful, intimate moments with family and friends. Liz was stunning in her gown, Bobby looked awesome in his killer suit, and together they formed a bond that would last through the toughest things life could send them. We love making photos that represent you on your day. For Liz and Bobby capturing their undying love for one another and the peace they get when they are together was our only goal!

One of our favorite moments from the day happened as they shared their last dance together, Liz looked up to Bobby with watery eyes. Bobby told us before their forever session that he knows Liz is at her happiest when she looks up to him with those watery eyes, they tell him he is loved unconditionally. As her happiness overflowed a small tear trickled down her face and the tenderness of this small moment in time will be forever remembered.

Liz and Bobby, your love for one another is contagious. We left your wedding both thinking about how your love is such a wonderful thing to witness. Don’t lose it; nurture and cherish it and your life will always be sweet!


Venue – Heartwood Hall

Florals – Lynn Doyle Flowers and Events

Dress – Low’s Bridal

Hair – Leigh Ann Battles (Daniel Shay)

Make up- Jessica Cunningham (Daniel Shay)

String Quartet – Rivendell String Quartet

Cake – Frost Bake Shop

DJ – Rockin Robin


Savannah and Philip

Amy & Emma : Memphis Wedding Photography at Old Dominick Distillery

When we first talked with Amy and Emma, there was just an instantaneous connection. It wasn’t long before many hilarious GIF’s were exchanged over text and constant Snapchat messages. And it’s because these two are sweet, kind, beautifully unique, and enjoy laughter. And we knew that this was their genuine selves because that is who they are with one another.

We first met face to face at their Forever Session. We saw Amy’s confidence embolden Emma. We saw Emma’s peaceful demeanor calm Amy. And all in all, we saw two people who are madly in love. And this continued on their wedding day!

A Truly Memphis Wedding

This Memphis wedding was truly Memphis! The Old Dominick Distillery downtown has such an amazing history and atmosphere. And their ceremony on the rooftop had the Memphis skyline and bridge behind them. Amy told us she loves the Mississippi River, and she made sure it was central to their day. The weather was even Memphis-like as the bluffs stopped the rain from the storm clouds for the ceremony to bring nice cool weather (and epic skies!) without a drop.

Right after the ceremony, with their beaming smiles, Amy wanted a moment with just Emma. We cleared the rooftop and let them just relax knowing they are finally married! They describe their relationship as “against all odds” and it was so special for us to get to witness that soft celebration afterwards (and YES, we sneaked in for a couple of shots but we made sure to keep our distance and ninja-like silence!).


A Seriously Good Party

These two were both looking forward to the reception the most! Seeing Red was rocking the dance floor with their great sets of songs. The food by Draper’s, was amazing per usual, and the cake by Mad Lily Cakery was a hit! Plus Holly and Ivy’s florals added so much elegance.

All of this was the backdrop though. The backdrop of two people becoming partners for life with their friends and family cheering them on. We were amazed by the support they had surrounding them that day. You could feel the love for them!


Amy and Emma, you two have stolen our hearts this year! We cannot wait for you to be back in Memphis so we can have regular hang outs!


Venue – Old Dominick Distillery

Florals – Holly and Ivy

Dresses – Barefoot Bride

Catering – Draper’s

Cake – Mad Lily Cakery

Band – Seeing Red

Coordination: 117 Event Design

Rentals: White Door Events



Savannah and Philip

Elizabeth & Bobby : A Dusk Forever Session in Memphis

Sometimes you just know when you found the right person. And a lot of times the sign is that this person you found changes you. That is how it was for Elizabeth. As we talked with Elizabeth so many things had a changed with Bobby! She can relax and truly be herself because he has the confidence and strength to equally pursue their relationship. She immediately saw a future with him. This girl, who never thought about having kids, all of the sudden loves the thought of having a child as long as Bobby is their with them. And this the just the tip of the iceberg! Bobby equally said he finally found what he always wanted in a partner. Elizabeth committed to their relationship. She allows him to be vulnerable (i.e. his self) and is tender and kind to him. She is present – the greatest gift you can give to anyone.


“There’s pure love coming out of his eyes!”


And all of this plays out in their relationship. Bobby is so affectionate towards Elizabeth. He steals kisses throughout the day, hugs her from behind as they do dishes together. She even said his touch can take away a headache! Behind all of this is the tenderness and passion she sees in his eyes when he looks at her. “There’s pure love coming out of his eyes,” she told us as she described that yearning look. She knows she has more than just a lover – she has a partner and teammate for anything that comes their way. That combination of passion and loyalty is a rare find, and she knows it!


“When I see those eyes I know I am completely hers!”


Bobby kept describing Elizabeth as exciting! She will dance around him, tickle him, surprise him regularly. She makes him live life to the fullest! As we photographed them we were able to witness firsthand this excitement – they constantly talk and laugh together. He loves seeing her big smile when she looks at him too. Those beautiful eyes speak volumes to him! But most importantly, those eyes speak that he is completely hers. And that look is truly special to him. “It would mean the world to me to capture that look!” he told us. So we are thrilled that we were able to get it for him!


Elizabeth and Bobby, we had a blast with you two, and we know your future is going to full of exciting adventures!


Savannah and Philip

Mary & John’s Black Tie Wedding at Annesdale Mansion

Adventurous and driven. That is probably the best way to describe Mary and John! Mary is a pilot. John is constantly on the road for work. Both are always on the go. In the 3 and a half years they have been together they have been to the Andes, Virgin Islands, and even learned to sail! And even though they are apart often, they both know that they have someone who gets them, loves them, and has their back. Driven people need someone behind them to support their endeavors and to catch them when everything else falls apart. To love you through all the ups and downs that come with constantly driving down a road towards your passions. This who they are for one another – and it is beautiful to witness!


On their wedding day, at the lovely Annesdale Mansion in Memphis, TN, they got to celebrate this with close friends and family. John mentioned to us before the wedding that he was most excited about everyone coming together and enjoying their company. Mary above all else wanted everyone to have fun. And that happened without fail! Their garden wedding was clear, beautiful, and meaningful. Their beloved dog, Maddie, was their ring bearer. Mary’s mother gave her away. Their vows heartfelt and, of course, John bringing in his humor when needed! The ceremony was just them and showcased their relationship so well.


Kasey Acuff did a fabulous job on Mary’s makeup! The end result reminded us of classic hollywood! Paradox Catering made an amazing sit down dinner, like they always do, and Flour Garden made a gorgeous (and tasty!) cake. The dinner was truly elegant. But before to long, Jeremy Shrader and the Octocats started up the dance floor with classic, big band music. As the night went on, and the toast given, everyone surrounded Mary and John with so much love and support. Mary’s maid of honor even provided Mary’s favorite snack at the end of her toast – McDonald’s cheeseburgers! Everyone was happy when those arrived 🙂 So as you can tell the whole day was an elegant, yet genuine, celebration of Mary and John!


Mary and John, we had such a fun time getting to know you! We wish you the best in your next journey!